Diplomatic relations of Juclandia

Juclandia first established a foreign relations department in January 2011, after a law regarding foreign policy was passed by the Great National Assembly in November 2010. The Kingdom of Juclandia has established diplomatic relations with 21 other nations. In a gradual reform taking place from 2019 to 2024, the international representation of Juclandia will be gradually taken over by the institutions of the Juclandian Pragma.

The official position of the Juclandian government is that Juclandia has no right to involve in the internal affairs of other nations, and reciprocally no nation should involve in the internal affairs of Juclandia. The country currently has diplomatic relations with 36 nations.

The Kingdom of Zealandia and the State of Sandus were the only micronations that got a diplomatic embargo from Juclandia, following (in the Juclandian government’s opinion) the catfight between Zealandia and Sandus. Both embargoes were lifted in October 2011.