First years

For the next two years, stability secured the existence of the Country of Toys, which was at one point renamed to the State of Toys, but official documents do not show how much this name lasted, nor do they show if this was the last name of the nation before the Socialist era. A political party was founded on the idea that it would be the only party and it’d represent all possible ideologies, and thus it ended having the name the Communist Christian-Democratic Liberal Ecologist Party. The party never ceased to exist, and its current incarnation is the Socialist Christian-Democratic Party, which is as of 2013 the biggest party in Juclandia by seats in the Great National Assembly and has always hold influence in Juclandia’s politics.

In the summer of 2003, the President traveled to France, only to discover more of the world. Losing interest in the position of president, he resigned and with the help of Elena Iliescu and his friends at the time, he got Bestia Reformescu, a plush animal, be elected the new President of the Country. The position of head of state became then a merely figurehead position, with the real power being held by Elena Iliescu, which was no longer Prime Minister but the Governor of Cipimania, and Ciprian C. Jucărești, which assumed the title of General Medical Doctor of Toys and future President of the Earth. Gradually, as Elena Iliescu was getting older and older, and with Ciprian becoming more mature, he renounced those titles and returned as President of the Country of Toys in the summer of 2005.

Elena Iliescu died on the 10th of September 2005, right exactly on the birthday of Ciprian C. Jucărești. The death came as a shock to the whole family, despite the fact that Elena Iliescu was ill and already was 93 years old. The President, visibly depressed by the death, lost again interest in the Country of Toys, and at one point intended to donate all his plush animals to an orphanage. In the autumn of 2005, the Country of Toys was being in a huge political crisis, risking to be abandoned and disbanded. Ciprian decided to keep the plush animals and the Country of Toys, as a memory of Elena Iliescu, while his political ideas were going further to the left-wing spectrum. He started spreading left-wing ideas to his friends as well, and this finally resulted in a big political move in the Country of Toys.