Our country

Juclandia (IPA: [ˈʒuklandja]), officially the Kingdom of Juclandia (Romanian: Regatul Juclandiei), is the first known micronation originating from Romania. It is a landlocked country resting on the Romanian Plain, surrounded by the Romanian county of Prahova.

Claiming 1643 square meters of territory and a population of 192, Juclandia is a medium-sized micronation. Its capital and largest city by population is Jucărești, with about one hundred inhabitants. A unique aspect of Juclandia is its claiming of plush toys as citizens alongside humans.

The Kingdom of Juclandia is a parliamentary elective monarchy with a unitary system of governance. The executive power is vested into the Monarch while the legislative power is vested into the bicameral Great National Assembly. The country is divided into provinces, which enjoy a great level of devolution. It is one of the major political, cultural and economical micronational powers of Eastern Europe.
Although founded in 2001 by the current King, the legendary roots of Juclandia go back to 1990 when, in what is now the Juclandian province of Lenia, a communist “independent state” was formed. Juclandia in its current state emerged when great reforms were started in 2008, beginning with a re-naming of the country and the draft of the Declaration of Independence (2008). Juclandia is a member of the GUM, a founder member of the EMCO (founded in September 2012) and is a former member of OAM and IMTO.