At the beginning of the 21st century, Ciprian C. Jucărești was discovering politics and administration in the meetings with his grandmother, Elena Iliescu. The young man was being fascinated by the role of the government and its composition, and was also fascinated by geopolitics. Having a quite big number of plush animals, Ciprian decided to form a nation to be called the Country of Toys, ruled by a democratic council called The Assembly of the Elders. The political landscape evolved that year, reaching its zenith in September 2001, when a first Prime Minister was selected by Ciprian, who decided to call himself President of the Country of Toys on advice of Elena Iliescu. It is believed that the political stability of the nation happened because of the influence Elena Iliescu had on the President, which insisted that Ciprian shouldn’t change the nation’s name and the Prime Minister almost on a monthly basis, as he initially planned to. In the spring of 2002, the President decided to name Elena Iliescu Prime Minister of the Country, after months of Iliescu holding a de facto position of head of government. The country continued its existence albeit with a limited governmental role, as there was no official Parliament nor any other real institution but the Government. It is also believed that the country was influenced by the hobbies and interests of the President.